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I am not kidding, Dive in!

Don't listen to those that say "it's too late" or "get in now before it's too late".


So you think maybe you are too late to enter the market, BitCoin is too high already! This is not true, it is never to late to enter the field of finance, especially if it is a new system that most users agree, will take over the world.
As low as
$2.02 USD​​
to start

My first start was with coinbase, $2.02 USD
was the lowest deposit/purchase. 

Check it out yourself NOW!


I had some money in the bank, in a separate area,  and called it savings. After 12 months my money was still there without much change.
That's OK, I'm happy it is still there. Then I noticed that if I had put that original amount into cryptocurrency,
the final value would be a stark contrast.
Bitcoin Value
$966.19 January
$1.435.20 April

$4,718.20 August
 $14,872.00 December

Bitcoin Value


Bitcoin Masterclass

https://usitech-int.com/ is a business opportunity that offers 3 key elements:
Viral Results
Unique Referral Commissions 
As little as
€50 to start trading
Returns of up to 150% per year
Generate up to 35% commissions
with 12 referral levels


Class In Session!

To trade or just to buy Bitcoin, you need a digital wallet.
​This wallet holds the bitcoin that you buy.
I started with a wallet at coinbase.
(remember that when it comes to finances, proof of ID is required. so organise scans beforehand)
At the time of this site update, coinbase does not have the option to transfer the funds back to your linked bank account. So you will need to choose another Bitcoin exchange for doing that.
I am registered at
www.independentreserve.com  (Independent Reserve Pty. Ltd. ABN 46 164 257 069)

Once you have your wallet, you are able to move your Bitcoin (crypto-currency) anywhere in the world that will accept it.
List of companies that accept Bitcoin:

Data source: https://99bitcoins.com/who-accepts-bitcoins-payment-companies-stores-take-bitcoins/

Please note that when you use Bitcoin for a purchase, the price you pay is not the whole coin, it is still only the value of the purchased item.
Example: If one Bitcoin was worth $XX,XXX USD and you wanted to buy in and only had $5.00 USD (not a real figure),
then your payment in Bitcoin would look something like 0.000314 (BTC). 

Data source: http://bitcoin-price-dollars.com/price-of-5-USD-in-BTC

Your class now continues, make a start, do some more research or talk to someone.
Dont find yourself years later repeating the words, "I was gonna get into that".

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Start learning today! Buy when you're ready... it anit going anywhere, Bitcoin is here to stay.

About Me

I am just like many other people, looking for a passive income or home based employment. I believe that I have found that in Crypto-currency. 

Why Crypto-currency?

The current trend for the crypto-currentcy market is based on the remarkable performance of the Bitcoin since its start. That trend has seen normal people, companies and financial institutions sit up and take note; with many taking part. This in turn has seen the demand vs the availability increase and so the value of the Bitcoin. So if the trend is upward, me choising to buy now or even later is still a good choice.

Additionally, this new form of currency will see the creation of new systems, tools and services being provided to use, promote and benifit everyone, not just the rich or multicoporates, from what is being termed the "... democratises money".

and I

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